GladGirl | ‘Baby Doll’ Strip Lash Kit | 100% Sterilized Human Hair Lashes On Invisible Band | Handmade Delicate-Style Natural False Eyelashes | Reusable with Lash Adhesive & Ap


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Product Description

Organic Attention Is All Yours.With our natural 100% human hair lashes, no one will suspect that you even have them on! Light and spacious with a slightly upturned curl (7mm inner corner to 13mm in the outer corner), our 'Baby Doll' lashes are perfect for every occasion.

All-In-One Kit and Convenient to UseAll of our false eyelashes come ready to use with our waterproof Flare Lash Glue Lash Lock adhesive and applicator for easy application.

Premium Quality Lashes. All of our products are held to the highest quality standards, using only professional-grade materials to create the best false eyelashes in the beauty industry.

'Baby Doll'

Material: 100% Human Hair


Color: Black

Thickness: 0.1

Band Length:25mm

Inner Curl: B Curl (7mm)

Middle Curl: C Curl (12mm)

Outer Curl: C Curl (12mm)

Best for the Following Eye Shapes: Small, Almond, Deep Set

Lash Adhesive Ingredients: Latex, Acrylpolymer, Perfume (*Please Note: This adhesive contains latex so be sure to check for latex sensitivity before use.*)

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